Ken Ueno - ...blood blossoms..13:59

Ken Ueno - ...blood blossoms... w score


Ken Ueno (b. 1970) is an American composer from Bronxville, New York. He is currently Associate Professor at the University of California. Ken's compositions are mostly for Jazz band, or orchestral and also many percussion ensembles as well as electronics


Blood Blossom was composed in 2002 for amplified sextet which contained bass clarinet, piano, percussion, electric quitar, cello and bass). It is inspied by a quote from Burroughs

The old junky found a vein... blood blossoms in the dopper like a Chinese flower...

Ueno states that the text made him think that beauty could be find in power and destruction, and by using amplification he could created a variety of textures. The amplification of the work portrays the imagery of power, and the use of distortion throughout the work emulates distruction.

The work is clearly jazz influenced.


Ueno's composition Peradam is written for string quartet, and uses the same idea of distortion. The composer also tried to make the instruments be more percussive, and in addition Ueno makes the players use their voices to create effects. The title refers to a rare diamond-like stone. Ueno also states that is a metaphor of things natural.


I find it easy to relate the ideas of amplification and distortion. However I find it hard to relate to unification of the piece. In comparing Ueno with Tsontakis, I find it hard to see how Ueno's piece progresses from beginning to end, unlike Tsontakis, who's music appears to have a more focused unification that I can follow. I think this is partly because Ueno's work is so radically removed from harmonic progression with the use of distortion.


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