Sing we and chant it - Morley01:44

Sing we and chant it - Morley

Thomas Morley was an English composer most known for his compositional output in the form of secular madrigals. He was part of the English Madrigal School that included Thomas Weelkes. The English Madrigal in comparison to the Italian form had smoother counterpoint. There was more focus on vertical relationships to chords and the harmonic structure. Themes of a pastoral nature were often used.

Sing We and Chant it has many characteristics of the late Renaissance period. These included a secular text and repeated sections. The work is very structured. It is sectionalized between homophonic writing with little imitation, and  the ‘’fa, la, la’’ refrain which is a trad-mark of Morley. The piece is light-hearted compared to Italian madrigal. These were generally thicker in texture and focused more in melodic emphasis than the harmonic nature of the English madrigal.


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