Antonio Salieri Organ Concerto - Allegro ma non molto (110:07

Antonio Salieri Organ Concerto - Allegro ma non molto (1.)


Antonio Salieri (1750-1825) was a lesser known composer, conductor, and teacher in the classical era (and in fact did not murder Mozart). Salieri wrote an abundance of operas, arias, and choral music. He also wrote a few instrumental works, one of which was his Organ Concerto written in 1773.


A link to the full score can be found at: Salieri: Organ Concerto.

Salieri's concerto was written in basic ritornello form. There was very distinct alternations of orchestra and soloist (and since the organ can accompany itself essentially, the orchestra often remained silent during the organ solo). What places this piece in the mid classical era was the very square and rather predictable harmonies. Also, the use of more wind and brass instruments was becoming popular at this time. In this concerto, Salieri wrote parts for trumpets, bassoon, and oboes.


I decided to compare this to Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 4 in D Major. A distinct difference from Salieri to Mozart was the even mor expanded orchestra. I can usually identify a classical piece belonging to Mozart from the use of the Clarinet, which was not used in Salieri's Concerto.

The form and harmonies in Mozart's concerto were still strict and also predictable. However, Mozart's music was much more active and thicker in texture compared to that of Salieri. 


I chose to do this work because I dont think Salieri was given enough credit as a composer in the Classical era. I would not want to be a contemporary to Mozart either, but Salieri's music was pleasant and I find most of it to be appealing (and other times a little boring.)


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