Mozart Concerto in G for Flute KV 313 concert with the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra conducted by Philippe Bernold27:39

Mozart Concerto in G for Flute KV 313 concert with the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra conducted by Philippe Bernold


Mozart (1756) grew up in a very musical family and was regarded somewhat as a childhood prodidgy. He was a prolific composer, and although he was able to develop his own recognizable style, his works were pivital during the changes that were occuring in the classical period. He develop already established styles, such as the concerto. Travelling was very much a factor in how his style developed. He spent a lot of time in different parts of Europe, from London to Vienna and Mannhiem. The Italian overture was very important in influening some of Mozarts early works. Mozart used a lot of Baroque forms some of his later compositions, such as contrapuntal or fugal ideas. Mozart was a master at understanding modes and the use of sequences.


Mozart's Concerto in G for flute (K.313) was composed around 1777 and its style is clearly classical. It is one of two flute concertos that he wrote. It is in the key of G. It is sonorous. Previously in the concerto, the orchestra was more of an accompaniest to the soloist, but in K313 there is the establishment of equality between the two. The concerto is in three movements; Allegro Maestoso, Adagio ma non troppo, and Rondo. The concerto is an example of how the length of the concerto has also began to get longer during the classical period. While the key and tonal center is clear throughout the work, there is a lot of additional material added to keep the energy and the momentum of the work interesting. For example, there is more transitions between keys. Rhytmic tension is also evident. A trait of Mozart's is to move the emphasis of the first beat to the second beat and land on a dissonance (such as a the supertonic). The dissonance usually ends up being a long note value, where tension is created. 


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