Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music (complete)23:40

Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music (complete)

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Meredith Monk (b. Nov.20, 1942, New York) is a composer, singer, director and creator of new opera, music-theater works, films and installations. A pioneer in what is now called "extended vocal technique" and "interdisciplinary performance." Monk creates works that thrive at the intersection of music and movement, image and object, light and sound in an effort to discover and weave together new modes of perception.

Meredith Monk has such a wonderful and unique vocal style that she is able to sing incomplete abstraction yet maintain a very emotional and even sentimental quality in these abstractions, at times. 


Dolmen Music is an album by Meredith Monk recorded in 1980-1981 and released on the ECM New Series label.

Dolmen Music is divided into three smaller sub phrases as in every recording, phrasing usually never changes. Monk's general outline of phrasing and melody remains constant. The placement of stress on certain syllables also remains fairly constant, gicing us a sense of regular and recognisable phrasing.

Text in general is a tricky issue when it comes to perform. Monk avers from beeing sad to the point of being quite morose to being happy to the point of hysteria without skipping a beat. Most of the musical accompaniment is mainly piano with occasianl percussion.  The voices work in canon, floating even as they crash into the limits of meaning.


Do You Be is a operas and theater pieces written by Meredith Monk. It contains more in the way of quantifiable semantics. Like the Dolmen Music, Monk use of her own invented language underscores the sense of otherworldly mystery inherent in the piece. It much sounds like folk music and use repetition, drones, modal harmonies. 


For me,Monk is a music of connection, a bringing together of many different art forms and experiences. Monk's music makes her both a visionary and a legend. 

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