Spring 2014 - MUSC 520 - MUSICAL STYLESEdit

A WIKI for the Spring 2014 Musical Styles course at the University of Tennessee covering Western music from roughly 1100 to 2000.

Style Guide for Publication on this Wiki

I. THE MIDDLE AGES (cca. 1100 - 1400)Edit

Ars Antiqua (1100-1300):Edit

Ars Nova (1300-1400):Edit

II. THE RENAISSANCE ERA (cca. 1400 - 1620)Edit

Early Renaissance (1400-1470):Edit

Middle Renaissance (1470-1520):Edit

Late Renaissance (1520-1620):Edit

III. THE BAROQUE ERA (cca. 1600 - 1750)Edit

Early Baroque (1600-1660):Edit

Middle Baroque (1660-1710):Edit

Late Baroque (1710-1750):Edit

IV. THE CLASSICAL ERA (cca. 1720 - 1820)Edit

Early Classical (1720-1760):Edit

Middle Classical (1760-1790):Edit

Late Classical (1790-1820):Edit

V. THE ROMANTIC ERA (cca. 1810 - 1900)Edit

Early Romantic (1810-1840):Edit

Middle Romantic (1840-1870):Edit

Late Romantic (1870-1900):Edit

VI. THE MODERN ERA (cca. 1890 - 1970)Edit

Early Modern (1890-1930):Edit

Middle Modern (1930-1960):Edit

Late Modern (1950-1970):Edit

VII. THE POST-MODERN ERA (cca. 1970 - 2000)Edit

Post-Modern (1960-1990):Edit

Post/Post-Modern & Contemporary (1990-current):Edit

Latest activityEdit

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