David Gompper, professor of composition at the University of Iowa, is a highly recognized post-modern composer.  A Fulbright scholar, he has composed music around the globe.


“Don’t Go There (1998) was written specifically for the Center for New Music East Coast Tour, November 13-22, 1998, to provide music for instruments—and players on the tour—that were used less frequently than others. Three percussion instruments—harp, piano and percussion—are contrasted against two sets of pairs— horn/bassoon and viola/double bass. The title actually comes from a scribble initially trying to decide how to parse the instruments (looking much like a European street sign indicating Do Not Enter). Of course, the music does ‘go there,’ with some of the consequences implied by the title.” (Gompper)


Because of the vastness of repertory in the modern age, it is difficult to compare one composer’s music with that of another, especially in Gompper’s case.  Using the barest of instruments—that which was readily available, he creates music all its own. 


This music has a strong air of mysterious tension.  It makes the listener feel as if he has stepped into an off-limits area, and does not let up.


(Audio and biographical)

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