Francesco Landini - Adiu, adiu dous dame05:06

Francesco Landini - Adiu, adiu dous dame

Francesco Landini tombstone

Francesco Landini (1325-1397) was an Italian composer of the Ars Nova period. He is considered to be one of the most popular composers from this era, as more works from him survive than from any other composers from this period of music history. Landini is known for his melodious writing and his distinct, eponymous cadence.  154 works survive, and are varied in both form and structure. Of those 154 works, Landini composed one surviving French virelai, Adiu, Adiu Dous Dame, for 2-3 voices.

Adiu, Adiu Dous DameEdit

Although Landini was Italian and composed mostly in the Italian style (ballatas and madrigals),  he composed one French virelai, Adiu, Adiu Dous Dame. It is composed for 2 voices, and is a secular work with the typical theme of courtly love. The top voice sings the melody, supported by the tenor in the lower voice, and instruments. In another known version for 3 voices, a 3rd voice supports the middle range.  The “Landini Cadence” can be heard throughout.


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