Anna Clyne was born in London (1980). She is a composer of acoustic and electro-acoustic music. He holds a Bachelor of Music with honors from Edinburgh University and a Master of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music.  Her works are described as “dazzlingly inventive” by the Time out New York. She currently serves as the Chicago Symphony’s mead Composer-in –Residence through the 2014-2015 season.


“Night Ferry” is her first piece written for the full orchestra. In this work she tried something different, in segments

CSO One minute of music from Anna Clyne's Night Ferry01:20

CSO One minute of music from Anna Clyne's Night Ferry

of one minute with 2 or 3 minutes representing different abstract paintings such as paintings with pencil, gauze, ribbons and snippets that she used before, first she did the visuals and then the music. The whole piece last around 20 minutes. She says about this: “ It was a symbiotic process where certain images or color combinations would inspired harmonies or melodic gestures” and she continues: “ the rhythmic ideas from the music might direct the visuals in a different way. It really allowed me to see the form and structure of the piece, because I wanted to write it as one movement.”


I am going to compare Anna Clyne with Gabriela Lena Frank (1972). The first comparison between them can be in the roots: Clyne has London and US roots while Frank has a combination of American-Chinese-Peruvian-Lithuanian that without doubt influenced her music. However, Frank despite her roots her music is marked as Latin American mostly influenced by Alberto Ginasteras because the utilization of the folk songs of the some Latin American countries example of this is her “Incas Dances” written for the Cuarteto Latinoamericano. She travelled inside the Mexican culture when composing her “Canto de harawi” which is a tone poem inspired by the Incas. Clyne is not influenced by any Latin American culture to compose her music she is more an integral musician who is trying to integrate all types of arts, the next quote reaffirms this: “…Creating new works through a fluid artistic dialogue has consistently fuelled my art-form from new perspectives and has maintained a fresh and exciting creative environment. Inspired by visual images and physical movement, my intention is to create music that complements and interacts with other art-forms, and that impacts performers & audiences alike.”


Anna Clyne is an interesting composer who knows how to do something different with the music integrating it with all arts such as painting and literature. Perhaps her music is not following traditional canons she definitely is creating something new and special for the enjoy of artists.

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